ConsultKiya: The future of consultations



We feel that every day we require to consult a professional for various types of our needs. Some examples are:

  • Going through some personal issue and you feel you are stuck. Most people do not consult a professional in such situations and continue to suffer.
  • You want your child to learn music but there are no music teacher available nearby. You want to consult a high quality teacher remotely but discovering such teachers is tough.
  • You want to travel to Europe and you are getting confused with too many blogs, vlogs and websites communicating different ways. You want to consult a professional travel consultant/enthusiast to save time and to also avoid surprises while being in the journey.
  • Your child has some doubts in the chapter that she/he is studying and you have stopped his access to YouTube. There is a requirement of a teacher to personally speak to your child and clarify her/his doubts instantly, instead of indefinitely waiting a consultation slot from busy teachers in various ed-tech platforms.
  • You are preparing for interviews but you do not know whether you are preparing in the right direction. You want to consult some industry professionals, who has worked in target companies, quickly.
  • You joined a new job and you are feeling like finding your path in the jungle. You want to consult some professionals who “have been there and done that” before it is too late.

There could be many such scenarios where we find that there is no platform to connect two such persons i.e. a professional and the information seeker efficiently.

This is the gap that we want to bridge. This is the virtual handshake that we want to facilitate. We truly think that this is going to bring a lot of happiness, success and peace in the world as only a professional can advise you best for all your needs.

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