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We enable your experience to online consult an advocate / lawyer seamless with just a one-click connection with pay per minute pricing to pay for only the minutes the professional spends in your consultation.

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Do you trust your lawyer’s advice?

Your lawyer’s advice, however well intentioned, may be wrong or bad for your particular case. One is always looking out for 2nd, 3rd or even more opinions from professionals for every stage of a case. We are going to make the experience of getting such opinions easy, affordable and instantaneous.


Are you clueless in a personal issue?

There are many situations like family issues, job issues, financial issues etc. due to which one feels clueless and stuck. In such a time, you need to consult a professional, that too without shelling out a lot of money. Our App is going to connect you to a professional Lawyer almost instantaneously and in an affordable cost.


Feeling depressed due to any issue!

Most of the people feel depressed due to various life situations. In such a phase, they try to consult non-professionals like friends and relatives. It could be better in such situations to consult a relevant professional, who can professionally handle the situation and can advise you in a pragmatic way. We encourage you to consult on our App. It is better to consult a professional like Advocate / Lawyer, Psychologist, Therapist or a Psychiatrist in such phases. We support Advocates / Lawyers consultations in our App.

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Everything you need to consult a quality professional

We only onboard high quality professionals so that you never have to do that discovery at your end. You can simply filter out the practice area of the professional related to your problem area and start the consultation.

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